Anuka – Caramel || #Any Given Sunday

Listen to Anuka`s sensual and intoxicating new single, “Caramel“! 🇳🇱




Anuka has infused several Future Bass and Trap songs with her smooth and soulful vocals. With Trap Nation, Mr. Suicide Sheep and HypeM supporting her, she has created quite some momentum.
Millions of Spotify listeners heard her voice through collaborations with up and coming producers such as Pham, Pusher, Twerl and Dabow.

With ‘Caramel’ she delivers a sweet and sensual R&B experience which gives you a glimpse of the solo work you can further expect from Anuka. “Caramel” begins with the sounds of a simple, yet on point piano rift courtesy of Pryvtryn, reminiscent of something you may hear on Deadmau5’ “7” EP, that hits all the right notes. Before long the listener is introduced to Anuka delivering her signature R&B vocals that could melt just about anything. The production then enjoys a welcomed addition in the form of a beat that can be compared to the sound of a human heart. Considering the content of “Caramel”, the heart beat feels right at home and compliments the vocals very well. Supporting the primary beat is a well-placed “water droplet” esque sample that makes it really difficult to not clap along to. The song continues with a focus on Anuka’s beautiful vocals before we get another taste of the well-crafted chorus, and a wonderfully somber outro from Pryvtryn once again.


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