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We`re so enthusiastic to present you an amazing emerging Toronto-based singer and songwriter, benny mayne, who offers to his listeners a unique sound influenced by pop, RnB and hip-hop through his debut single “bounce“!!! 🇨🇦
 Emerging Toronto-based singer and songwriter benny mayne gives listeners a night of sensual fun with his debut single “bounce.” With a unique sound influenced by pop, RnB and hip-hop, there’s much more to look forward to on his forthcoming releases. Shared monthly via EMPIRE, you can expect to hear collaborations with Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producers such as Williedonut, Sadmoney, Rock Mafia, Justice League and more.

 Benny Mayne is an emerging artist from Canada and this is his debut single Bounce’. This guy’s debut single is a very NSFW listen with references to bouncing booties, shaking titties, sitting on faces and getting a wet…we’ll leave that there.

Despite the naughty lyrics, Bounce’ is very fun to listen to. It’s instrumental appears to embrace it’s content and provide synths that seemingly bounce more than a big phat booty ever could and pairs it up with a series of riffs and beats that fortunately turn this tune into one that’s actually quite playful. I’ll continue to listen to this for the rest of the year, just stop me if you ever hear me sing along to it.



i make songs for people who love lie and live







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