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Cymbol’s unique, upbeat and percussion-influenced melodic sound has already seen him sway the spotlight – picking up slots at renowned festivals such as Rhythm & Vines and Homegrown, gaining airtime with his cleverly crafted tracks and even signing a record deal with Australian label Tinted Records.

He’s a producer that’s always stood out from the pack – first stepping into the music industry after winning the George FM Remix Factor Competition in 2013. Since then, he’s been steadily building profile – dropping a series of remixes and releases, most notably, his collaborative EP The Cycle with fellow Kiwi artist This Pale Fire.

While dance floor EDM meets sensible indie rock may at first seem like an unlikely collaboration, the melding of This Pale Fire’s earnest songwriting with Cymbol 303’s honed production skills, worked to create an exceptional collection of emotional, hook-driven, electronic tunes.

It was also this record this pricked the interest of industry tastemakers and saw him land his first international record deal with Tinted Records.

Now working towards the release of his debut solo record, Cymbol has continued to collaborate with talented musicians from both at home and abroad. Crafting a unique collection of tracks, Cymbol again highlights his extraordinary production values, while experimenting with more vocal-driven songs.

His recently released single ‘Slipping’ is testament to this, and builds on Cymbol’s reputation as one of the country’s most promising producers. Featuring cutting lyrics and building bass lines, the song is both relatable and unapologetic in its depiction of love’s uneven remainders.

“This track starts off cinematic and sets the tone from the get-go with intimate lyrics from the vocalist. As you keep listening you hear catchy melodic bass lines layered with 808s, pitched up vocals with plucked strings and hard percussion,” said Cymbol. “Despite the tension, the track still maintains a head-bopping type of groove.”

Interlacing this kind of depth into dance floor dynamics is something Cymbol manages to do seamlessly. Having spent the majority of 2016 writing and collaborating, the young artist is now setting up the playing field for one of 2017’s break through records.



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