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Listen to “Cold in California“, the title track from David Spekter`s debut EP, a kind of song narrative that drives a clear image into your mind! 🇨🇦




Cold in California, the title track from David Spekter’s debut EP, is the kind of song narrative that drives a clear image into your mind. Lyrically, it hinges on that fundamental entertainment industry trope that we all know so well:


“Los Angeles will steal your soul”. At it’s core however, it’s as much about personal struggle as it is about sacrificing the people and things you love in pursuit of a dream, often to your detriment.


Born from Spekter’s first weeks spent in Los Angeles, waking up shivering because he “left the A/C on overnight;” the lyric came to him with the perfect coalescence of creeping self-doubt that made him question who and what he was really chasing, and what he might lose in search of it. Sharing a feature from fellow Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts! artist ‘txnical,’ Cold in California is the perfect summer counter balance.

Cold in California EP (featuring previous releases “THNKN” & “Mutual”) is now available everywhere you get your music courtesy of Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts!




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