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Shout-out to ENAFAY, emerging versatile singer, born in Germany! 🇩🇪


Who am I?
That’s the question that I come closer to answering through making music. It feels like an endless journey to me…and sometimes like the biggest challenge.

Listen to my music and you will get to know me. More important, however, is that listening triggers something in you that gets you to get to know yourself better, too.


‘Touch’ is the first single from EnaFay’s debut EP ‘Arwen’. Central to the concept EP are polarities. On a journey to find the right balance, ‘Touch’ is the second track of the seven stages.

German-born yet with French ancestry, EnaFay has spent six of her childhood years in Ireland/Northern Ireland. Intrigued by this green island, the Celtic symbol ‘Arwen’ has now become the concept of her EP.

Being a child of many influences, she has found it difficult to place herself in a musical category. However, due to her quirky voice and her wholehearted performances, she has been compared to artists such as Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush and Bjork.

While her writing style in lyrics and melody is quite easy on the ear, the arrangement of her songs is more experimental creating an appealing intensity for the listener. This is enhanced through a theatrical edge to her music incorporating dance, photography, fashion and film.


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