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Shout-out to GABRIEL GASSI, e#merging on-point singer and producer, coming from Sweden! 🇸🇪

The wizkid Gabriel Gassi – aka Gabriel Gruvberg – is one of the most interesting up-&-comers on the Swedish music scene. Known for his powerful on-point pop productions, his remixes for amongst others Julia Vero and Vanbot and mind-blowing DJ-sets, now it is time to get know GABRIEL GASSI for real.

His debut single ’Street Phone’ is written and produced by Gassi himself and it drops October 7th via ’Something Beautiful‘.

Gabriel says:
”The track is about orange summer night skies and desolate streets in a city quietly resting in industrial vacation. People are out of town and companies send automatic out-of-office e-mails.
Your last pennies were spent on a brand new cell phone which now is malfunctioning and you can’t call your friends but it’s okay ’cause you can go out and make new ones.”


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