How does it work?


Red Clover is the first Romanian “content curationplatform, aimed at showcasing and featuring early artists exposure and not only. No matter the genre, country or name! Music has no label!

LEVEL UP MUSIC is the perfect context for all independent music composers/ producers/ creators/ artists who own the master rights over musical creations sent trough platform.
NOW is the opportunity to expose their creations on Red Clover YouTube Channel!

Each sent track is to be evaluated and to receive feedback from our A&R team.
If the track passes, it’s going to be published on Red Clover YouTube Channel, under a standard graphic design and will be included in one of our daily musical collections.

Don`t worry! From the use of this platform, all the creators will remain the master owners and could subsequently sign their track to a label, even after its launch!

Looking forward to receiving your best track!
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Music has no Label! We LEVEL UP MUSIC!