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SPEND TIME with Jean Atem & Rayvon! Enjoy the perfect Caribbean sound with  notes of pop and dance! 🇺🇸 🇱🇨



Jean showed interest in music since at a very young age, but at the age of 16 Jean had met up with a Saint Lucian music manager, Mr. Eliot H. Bailey, who found that Jean needed to take his music to the next level and so together they did Just that! Today, Jean Atem has 4 music videos, 6 singles, an album recorded and has performed at various shows as well as been featured online by popular blogs such as The Vibe Guide.

For as long as he can remember, pop/soul singer, Rayvon Owen has dreamed of a life dedicated to music.
Born to be on stage, the Richmond, VA., native began his music career at a very young age – singing in choirs, touring with gospel musicians and performing in local musicals. Influenced by legendary artists such as Lionel Richie, John Legend, Troye Sivan and Stevie Wonder, Rayvon has developed his own voice as a powerful performer and reflective songwriter.


Spend Time is a collaborative track between Jean Atem and his best friend and music partner RAYVON. It blends an upscale Caribbean sound with notes of pop and dance. The fusion is catchy and captivating and its mainstream presence is undeniable.



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