John D. Contradiction – “Elia” || #Friday Hip-Hop Day

John D. Contradiction presents his latest single, “Elia”, dedicated to his passed grandmother. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸



Canadian raised / Long Island resident Johnny Duroseau, has been hitting the hip hop scene since 2014. His music is a collection of boom bap hip hop, experimental pop, and sultry jazz. With only one mixtape and an EP out currently, he is already aggressively promoting the release of 3 new projects including: one full mixtape, a UK produced EP and a DIY collaborative project.

So passionate, he is not loking for money, but to create a new trend in music, that promotes raw creativity. Strangely uplifting and sometimes dark, his style represents a Contradiction.

His new single, “Elia”, is an emotional tribute to John`s passed grandmother, describing his time spent living homeless. 😇

Check it out!



Just a fan of music who decided to express himself via music.



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