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Coming from a place filled broken dreams and shattered beer bottles aspiring hip hop artist “Kay B” looks to overcome adversity and over ride the statistics of making it out of the “Scenic city“.
Born as Kelvin L Brown Jr in 1991, the 25 year old hails from The Southside of Chattanooga, Tennessee where dreams often become nightmares due to poverty and other extreme circumstances.

Brown began his journey in music at the tender age of 7 when stepfather/former road manager of SliverHawk Records, Ronnie Hill gave Brown the opportunity to get his voice heard traveling from Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama to performing which resulted in opening up for Pastor Troy and rap group Goodie Mob in the late 90′s.
 2008, at the the age of 17 Brown and longtime friend JaVario Eagle formed the label “Brique garçon “Forever” which is French for “BrickBoy” building a strong buzz around the city of Chattanooga which resulted in 2 label offers which both unfortunately failed due to personal matters.

Today, Brown is back stronger than ever looking claim what is his, his aggressive and rugged delivery grabs your attention like nothing other as he raps about the struggles and hard times he had to endure growing up and how he plans to never let the past repeat itself for his family and also himself.

Brown most definitely has a story to tell and his new EP, released August 29th, 2016. Coincidentally is entitled “Story 2 Tell“!

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