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Kyle Reynolds is vibing new song “Friday Saturday Sunday”, which chronicles vapid dating and convenient love as the artist confronts someone taking advantage of his heart.” (




24-year-old Southern California native Kyle Reynolds began playing music in high school. It was his early struggles with his parents’ divorce that led to a search for meaning in his life, which he discovered through music.

Using YouTube videos as his guide, Reynolds taught himself to play the piano and write songs. He eventually added guitar and the harmonica to his repertoire of instruments.

His songwriting has been inspired by summer adventures, love, loss, and everything in between. Influenced by artists like John Mayer, Parachute, and Ben Rector, Reynolds’ music can be described as a combination of pop, alternative, and singer-songwriter genres.

In his free time he enjoys going to the beach, reading The Bible, and posting about the things he loves to eat on Twitter.

His new EP Simple Things, produced by Nashville’s David Spencer, is available now on iTunes.



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