Little Glass Men – Crystal || #Saturday Special

Little Glass Men births raw, lo-fi harmonic grooves that will transport you into the very depths of chill! Enjooy! 🇺🇸




Self-confessed Peter Pan and creative powerhouse, Ryan Claus strips bare his soul with his incorporeal side project, “Little Glass Men”.
Using sampling, synthesis, and live instrumentation, he births raw, lo-fi harmonic grooves that will transport you into the very depths of chill. Hauntingly beautiful melodies and sound palettes weave into echoes of ODESZA, Bonobo and Flying Lotus.

Ryan brings us his newest creation, rife with acapella splices and vintage recordings balanced with deep sublines and modern drum programming upon which your drifting mind will capitalize. Due Aug 28 2016, Until it’s Gone is a reflection on the temporary nature of life and will be released story by story on Soundcloud and Bandcamp with select works put under a creative commons Attribution 4.0 license.

LGM first hit the scene with his self release E.P in early 2011. Shortly after release one of the tracks was licensed to Redbull for a national TV spot. Work from subsequent albums, Spontaneous Existence (2012) and Kelp Grooves (2014) have been sought out by creative agencies for productions over the years from Burton snowboarding films to Web Ad campaigns.

There’s more to come from this San Francisco based designer and composer as there is always a story to tell. His work crosses over territories and fuses itself into its new environment, wherever that may be. What results is a feast for the ears and mind, taking you on a journey within yourself that will stay with you long after the music has stopped.


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