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Meet MBALLA, french emerging artist, releasing a six track EP, titled “Never Leave Quietly“. POWERFUL, vivacious and empowering track, “ILLEGAL” is the introduction to her beautiful story!  🇫🇷



Meet MBALLA – born in Paris, France as the daughter of a Cameroonian ambassador turned political prisoner in Cameroon who passed away before ever being exonerated, all before MBALLA’s 18th birthday. When her greatest fear (the passing of her imprisoned father) became a reality, MBALLA dedicated herself to a music career that would help her connect R&B and hip hip lovers of different cultures.

If that’s not enough to blow your mind, MBALLA also suffered a fight with cancer herself at the age of 13. Determination runs thick in her blood. Despite all of her hardships, MBALLA also graduated from UNC Chapel Hill.

MBALLA is set to release a six track EP later this year titled Never Leave Quietly. Introduction to the EP is a POWERFUL, vivacious and empowering track titled “ILLEGAL” — video to follow….

MBALLA says of the track:



 “’Illegal’ is my personal experience and reaction to what it meant to be an undocumented person of color amid extreme racial tension and an upcoming presidential election in the US… Specifically, one where immigration was an extremely hot topic. Inspired by the Charlotte Uprising demonstrations, from the killing of Keith Lamont Scott to the lies being told about the demonstrators/protestors. 

I had to find ways to process my personal predicament here. The stakes were and always are really high in my situation. I was a woman of color protesting equal rights for Black people, but simultaneously an undocumented person, therefore with no rights, including the lack of a right to protest. In that moment I felt like I had to create a voice for women like me — women of color who want to support fights for equality but risk their freedom and potentially the entire life they’ve established here by doing so. I wanted to sing for people — in this case women — who don’t feel protected by the law or by their male counterparts.

I realized that some immigrant women have to live within the irony and hypocrisy of being labeled, “illegal immigrants” (a super offensive term by the way) when we are actually the ones being treated illegally.

“As I wrote and recorded “Illegal,” it became an anthem that calls out all and denounces all oppressive systems and ultimately an anthem for all people who feel marginalized or like they’re being treated unfairly — illegally.”





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