Shauna Shadae – Mi Like || #Saturday Special

Shout-out to SHAUNA SHADAE, emerging mesmerizing singer/ songwriter, coming from UK! 🇬🇧


igavearosetomusic: “She always tells me, it’s in my destiny” …. SHAUNA SHADAE is the 20 year old singer songwriter who dreams of becoming a legend one day, and with her mesmerizing voice and stunning features (which is only a bonus) the right perseverance and consistency in making, singing and producing good music, i can see it all happening for her.


I am a 20 year old singer songwriter from Tottenham who has performed on a range of stages, from Camden Roundhouse, Rohampton Festival  to the Jazz Cafe where I sang the chorus’ for well known English rappers Young Teflon and Bladebrown aspires to be successful in music as it is my biggest passion and it is has been from a very young age, the turning point for me was when I had my first solo performance at the age of 16 where I had butterflies after i performed. It was that very night that I realised music was the only path I wanted to pursue a career in.

Growing up in a Jamaican household caused me to naturally gravitate towards some of the greatest reggae and bashment artists such as Sizzla, Jah Cure & Vybz Kartel. At the same time I was also influenced by what would be called “old school” artists like Etta James, Lauryn Hill & Erykah Badu, which I think defines my sound as an artist.

My first ever songs released were produced by N2theA who I worked closely with for a few months, in that time we created an album of songs but have released around 5, with butterfly being my latest and most meaningful piece yet. Not to mention we did a video for one of those songs (Switched it up) which was directed and filmed by J Mornix who I would love to praise for his dedication in filming and production.  One thing that I never wanted to lose when doing music is my heritage, I also wanted to do a song that reps where I’m from! That’s why I’m so happy to announce my upcoming release alongside a special feature (SNE) that was created by two small island artists. So all in all, what can I be described as? Perhaps my own genre that I have decided to call, Neo-Reggae. “Shauna Shadae is a singer that cites Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill as influences, which makes sense when you listen to her soulful music online thus far. With her latest track, though, MOBO Unsung-shortlisted Shauna greater embraces the sound of her birthplace, Jamaica for a summery dancehall effort. ‘Mi Like’ is produced by South London trio Penhouse and features SNE, who in addition to his rap verse interpolates the hooks of Craig David ‘7 Days’ together with Shauna.”


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