Sonic Samurai – Legendary || #Level Up Music

We LEVEL UP the Sonic Samurai and their ”LEGENDARY” new song! NDARY” new song! NDARY” new song! NDARY” new song! 🌏



Sonic Samurai roams the lands to bestow musical justice on those who need it…


The Sonic Samurai, a female and male urban-samurai, roaming the land to quell musical injustice where the find it.
They use an array of musical weapons (and weapons that make music) like a sonic- swords, boom-bows, disco-daggers, drum-chucks, you name it.
Dressed in urban-hybrid-techno-samurai or 8 bit-disco-desert-ninja attire, you never see them coming, but you know it when they’re gone.
Rumor has it they are so well disguised, there could even be more than one duo operating in the name of musical justice…

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