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We LEVEL UP emerging very talented music producer Swanbeats  ft. Evolsi & J-Clark, amazing artists, all coming from U.S! 🇺🇸


Based out of the Lone Star State of Texas, SWANBEATS has established himself as the faster growing artist out of West Texas. His unique future bass sound, blended with his passion for melodic bass chords of hip-hop and rap, has created a genre defying sound known as SWANBEATS.


swanbeats.co:RYAN is one of the most humble, and cool artists we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.  He has an amazing head on his shoulders and is definitely someone you can always trust with the aux cord. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about SWANBEATS, like we did!


Evolsi was created as a vice for singer/songwriter Kelly Bergeron. Originally from South East Texas, her sound is influenced by a multitude of different artists and genres. Her unique delivery and authentic songwriting are two of the main aspects that capture the heart of her listeners. Evolsi started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13 and has focused on perfecting her craft ever since. By the age of 16, she had recorded her first full length CD, recording everything alone in her bedroom, before giving them away out of her backpack at school. The outcome of that experience led to the creation of many different youtube videos, and covers, which slowly gained attention online. In October of 2015, after moving to the Austin area, Evolsi linked up with Aaron Glemboski of Redbeard Productions, and Garry Franklin of Slurr to create her Debut EP, Paradigms, which is set to release mid 2016.


J-Clark, is a 23 year old rapper born and raised in Austin, Texas. J-Clark began his music career at an early age playing drums alongside his parents country band and practicing with his summer rock group in his open time. Upon graduating from Anderson High School in 2011, J-Clark began his hip-hop career with one of his best friends Matt McHale. The two were quick to get to work and started releasing free music for their fellow friends and peers. Each going their separate ways for college, J-Clark attended The University of Texas at Tyler for basketball. After a year in East Texas, J-Clark returned to Austin and began working with Matt even harder than before. In 2014, J-Clark began his own independent career and started performing shows around the Austin area and even other cities within the state. In August of 2014, J-Clark got his first “BIG SHOW” opportunity to open up for the talented west coast rapper Shwayze. After the show, he began to catch even more people’s attention for his smooth flow and melodic rhymes that were reaching the ears of people outside of Texas. From there, he has played with big artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Riff Raff, Lil Flip, Dorrough, Lil Debbie, Sammy Adams & more. He has become a big artist for the Greek life at various colleges and loves visiting every school he can.


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