Violet Skies – Burn || #Saturday Special

Shout-out to Violet Skies, amazing emerging artist, coming from South Wales, U.K! 🇬🇧



The first Violet Skies single, ISLAND, rocketed across the internet, landing on Spotify‘s Weekly Buzz playlist and garnering showcases and festivals in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Shanghai, and Beijing.
Whether it’s Earmilk calling the track “dynamic and emotional,” or BBC Radio 1 touting Violet as “a voice that can soar, but that never forgets to carry emotion,” packed shows around the world prove that she’s not just a critic’s choice.

BURN is the second wave from the forthcoming EP, This Was Us.
BURN details the romantic conflict of admitting one’s own mistakes while protecting a partner from their own fatal flaws. With ISLAND producers Charlie McClean and Felix Duczek returning for BURN, we now see the kind of gritty, electrified, heartbreaking pop with which Violet Skies is captivating her audiences.


I wrote Burn in Berlin last year. It was the beginning of the end of a relationship after waking up that morning to a message I didn’t ever want to see, and realising things were so much more complicated than I’d thought. I then had to head into a session with laryngitis, and in that session I first met Charlie and Felix. So in a way, it was the beginning of the EP too, as they were who I’d been looking for, musically.
The song is the exact contents of my head that day, and my laryngitis meant I modified the melody for my voice. I’m not quite sure how we managed to make one of my favourite songs on the record but it happened!

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“BURN” it NOW! 🎧⤵



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