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Los Angeles based, Aria Hennessy has released her amazing new single ‘Missive 1’! 🎼 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

Listen NOW to her new song, filled with so much pure passion!!!



Working within the music industry since she was just 13-14, Aria Hennessy is ready to come full-force into the pop and R&B world. She may not be so well-known yet, but she will definitely be.

Aria has seriously succeeded while working with Whitney, Kanye and Jermih’s, writing some pop songs which conquered over 300,000 streams on her 2016 single, “Where Did The Love Go“…


I started doing music as a career when I was 13, or at least trying. I released my first EP I think when I was 14 or 15 years old. And from there, I was already kind of in the game in Canada and doing really, really hyper pop projects. So I was trying and playing open mic nights and I went to the city when I was I think about 17 on my own to kind of push my music and I just always knew. I’ve been so driven and it’s been my focus for almost a decade now.

Yeah, I do feel like I’m fairly eclectic as far as my influences go. It’s been cool to kind of draw from everywhere. I’ve spent my days writing pop songs basically every single day, so that’s my job and that definitely comes into my own music. Where I spend my time writing and who I’m writing with is a huge inspiration too.

But what inspires me more are the great songs, the forest, the ocean, my friends and a nice, Sativa…

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