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Hailing from Sanford, NC, Clyde Kelly grew up singing in church choir and listening to Kanye West. In school, he spent his time freestyling and writing poetry until his passion for music evolved into more than a hobby.

He co-founded an independent label, Halliburton Productions, in early 2015 and spent 18 months developing his sound, writing 100+ tracks as potential cuts for his debut project, Not Rich Yet.

With little promotional support and no major label involvement, he racked up 1M+ streams on Spotify within 4 months of its release (November 1st, 2016). The fan-favorite single, “Magic,” was featured on a video blog by Gary Vaynerchuk, and subsequently placed on two staple Spotify playlists, Discover Weekly and Hip-Hop Central.

With coverage on The Daily Pennsylvanian,,, and, the word continues to spread. Inspired by his meditation practice, Clyde Kelly shares “Levitate“. A hip hop + future pop combo, “Levitate, Levitate, Levitate” hits the spot and had us all bumpin and singin along. The the style here is sharp. Clyde’s style is something that stands out to us and if we could ever call a star in the making, Clyde Kelly fits the criteria.


Clyde Kelly is a shy guy with a lot of gravity. He’s a lifetime student and creator of music, with a keen ear for melodic raps. OutKast, The-Dream, KiD CuDi, and Chance the Rapper are among his primary influences.


Hailing from Raleigh, NC, he grew up singing in church choir and listening to Kanye West. In school, he spent his free time freestyling and writing poetry until his passion for music evolved from hobby to full time obsession. He signed to indie label Halliburton Productions in early 2015 and moved to Los Angeles, CA to develop his sound. He wrote 100+ tracks over 18 months as potential cuts for his debut project, Not Rich Yet.
While his songs fit most neatly in the category of hip-hop, he rails against categorization, adopting the moniker “genre killer.” His hooks are infectious but not quite pop, and his verses are sung in classic southern rap flows. His shallow drawl could almost go unnoticed, but for the occasional slurred vowel.


He has an authenticity and lightheartedness that makes him feel like a protagonist in the rap game. His lyrics on the surface are a call to positivity and universal love, but subtle harmonies and lyrical connotations betray the lows that follow the highs. His words always feel genuine. Raleigh, NC artist Clyde Kelly releases his brand new single “Levitate.” Inspired by his meditation practice, “Levitate” signifies a breakthrough in consciousness. The trippy multicolored production, provided by Tadashi, paints a visual that takes listeners beyond the confines of the body and mind.




He released his debut LP on Nov. 1, 2016, and quickly caught traction. With no major label support, he has racked up over 75 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His single “Magic,” a collaboration with dirty south producer Kountdown, organically landed on two staple Spotify playlists, Discover Weekly and Hip-Hop Central.


With coverage on,
and The Wharton Journal, his numbers are growing daily.


Already in the studio working on his next EP, CK has never been short on drive or business savvy. His album, Not Rich Yet, divulged not only a deep self-awareness and self- confidence, but a ruthless work ethic. That coupled with his creative and strategic thoughtfulness will make him a musical force to be reckoned with in the coming years.


Music making young man with a lot of ambition and some new ideas

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