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We’re so glad to present you Hyphen and his new track, “Lost“! 🇬🇧



London-based, Hyphen’s new single “Lost” is a brass-laden fusion of soul, electronica, and trip-hop with an exciting, precise flow. The verses, packed with swanky brass and sly vocal hooks, lead into an infectiously memorable chorus – “smoke, drink, what do you think?” The bridge at 02:19 is an exciting, fast-paced turn that shows Hyphen’s vocalist talents well, with a synth-laden tone reminiscent of Gorillaz’ mode of production.

“I wrote this song on late on a Saturday night after reluctantly saying no to go to a mini reunion my school friends were having,” Hyphen explains. “Trying to manage a full time job and music career simultaneously means cutting out on something, and for me that involves being a lot less social and very single.”

“While that sounds a bit miserable, I wrote this song on a night alone, pretty happy about the situation. Watching people’s Snapchats about their night outs, which were largely the same as any other night out, made me quite pleased that through music I’d found something to do that was pretty different.”





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