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Singer, songwriter and producer, blending elements of Electronic Soul and R&B into dark, sexual productions. Raw lyrics infuse melismatic vocals and seductive melodies, complementing the spacey, synth-heavy soundscapes heard throughout his work.

A Canadian of Palestinian descent, Issa e is now based in Dubai, working on his forthcoming debut album ‘Dark Matter’ which embodies a paradoxical blend of dark subject matter and celestial inspiration. Fueled by intoxicated nights, indulgence and synthetic relationships. The Dark Matter LP continues Issa e’s legacy of pure uncut emotion.

From online to onstage, the long overdue artist that goes by his real name “Issa e”, brings music back to its original form with a voice that beholds the true struggle within it’s vibrations.

Issa e’s music is inspired by true events, trials and great tribulations.

Exhibiting an anxious tone, singing in a tremulous quality influenced by Arabic melisma. His tracks draw from a whole spectrum of genres, incorporating and channeling his mid-east melodic background and creating an unconventional R&B production.
Lyrics of shameless emotions, expressions of hurt, vulnerability, sexual menace, drugs and dark intoxicated nights fueled the creation of Issa e’s tracks.

Naturally it all set the the scene for the creation of Mind’s I Militia’ and ‘Armed With Art’ musical movements, tapping into House music genres and channeling Issa e’s music to clubs across the globe.


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