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Smithmusix, aka STiCKMAN, is an Alien C from the Planet: Kepler 186f, a diverse producer able to create high quality RnB, HipHop, Pop, Trap, Twerk, Dubstep – from old-school to new-school. 😉 🌎



SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN is an Alien C from the Planet: Kepler 186f. His spaceship crashed somewhere in Europe and completely destroyed his (now) Managers backyard – and he is looking to pay for the repairs and damages by becoming a Trap Producer/DJ. On the side also producing radio friendly Pop music;

SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN is a very diverse producer, he is able to create high quality RnB, HipHop, Pop, Trap, Twerk, Dubstep – from old-school to new-school;

The 5 Track EP, called: “STiCK IT TO THE MAN” will be released shortly, of which 2 tracks will have features with some amazing Artists, namely: Ladee Lush and Ratigan – definitely something to be on the lookout for. Hard hitting drops, movie type buildups and extraterrestrial sounds try to define his style – one thing is for sure, these tracks will make for one Crazy Bonkers Party;

Recently SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN had the opportunity to produce a Trap Remix of the hit single Up and Down” by Nils Van Zandt and Nicci, which got over a million views on Youtube within 6 weeks (Release by BIP Recordings & Happy Music France). The Trap Version: “Nils Van Zandt & NICCI – Up and Down (SMiTHMUSiX Remix)”, received a lot of attention within its genre, putting SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN on the radar of quite a few memorable people – so to speak: … Genre: Trap;

The Second Remix SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN produced is released with SONY MUSIC (May 15th, 2016), namely of the Track: JamLimmat & JuanJe Rodriguez feat Nicci – I Like That (SMiTHMUSiX Remix) … Genre: Twerk;

SMiTHMUSiX aka STiCKMAN is a self-taught musician, he learned how to play the guitar and piano – an Alien with great talents you might say. He has been working in the Studio day and night, these past 3 years to get his knowledge up as fast as possible with the DAW’s that Earth has to offer.



I’m actually sort of a Music Producer and we do have music, but it just sounds different – sort of like EDM Trap, hence the fact that I decided to become an EDM Trap Producer/DJ out here (on the side I also dabble a little towards Pop music because I’d like my music to also be heard on the Radio – how cool is that, we don’t have that – definitely an idea I’m taking home with me). Fortunately, I managed to save my sound pack from the crash… so now I got my sounds locked and loaded, and ready for you Earthlings to hear.





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