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Good Thing Gone is the first in a series of songs written, produced and performed by Matt Carrington.  🌎 🎵🎶🎙




The first in a series of summer singles that tell a story of grief, love and anxiety.

Millennials have grown up in an age where technology has made everything attainable and most things disposable. Knowledge of the worlds brightest minds is literally at our fingertips. Our personal relationships in turmoil – as temptation leers across the wealth of dating apps, adult sites and encrypted chat rooms. When information is so disposable, so immediate and so vast it’s hard for one to know who they are and what they want.

“Good Thing Gone” is the first in a series of songs written, produced and performed by Matt Carrington (aka White Peaks) that addresses the disposable nature of our culture today, throwing away relationships and opportunities through our own ignorance and to our own detriment.

Sonically the track is glossy and rich. Drawing influence from r&b and alternative pop and sounding nothing like either. Vocals are tinged in echo and chorus. The synths are airy and nostalgic and the bass angrily rumbles through the chorus as if it’s trying to push all other instruments out the way just to reach you. It’s just as at home on Miami boardwalk as it is in a dingy London dive bar.

The upcoming singles go on to depict a man lacking identify, finding himself through personal encounters, good, bad and traumatic. Each of the five songs address one of the five stages of grief which are often depicted as characters – the only exception the closer “Heroine” – a ballad written for his mother no longer with us due for release August 3rd (her birthday).



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